Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jaurasi The Wine Hub ..LoLzzzzz

By Sourav Bhatia 
thankful to Deepak Manola (above on the pic)

Some more Pics For You Of Jaurasi didihat

some more snaps of Jaurasi, Deepak Manola provides me all of these snaps and now its all for you ... so Enjoy the trip.

Pics of Jaurasi Taken by Deepak Manola & Published by Sourav bhatia

Here I have some snaps for all of you hope U'll enjoy it... ahhhhhhhh cm on U gonna love it... M damn you guys ready for a Trip???? yeah!!! thats gud...
Here U gooooooo

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Jaurasi Didihat

Now we'll talk about Jaurasi, situated at 33 Km. (approx) from Didihat,not a very big or develop town, just a local market you can say, one thing you can see all around the Jaurasi and that is "every one just chilling out,  shopkeepers doesn't have many stuffs to do, i have already mentioned this is a local market, I'll provide some of pictures of the market as soon as possible".

But I'll not forget to mentioned the most popular thing about Jaurasi {if you are a drinker than i must say you guys gonna love it} (don't think Sourav Bhatia is also one of them... I don't Drink yar) and that is.."WINE" yes I am telling you, almost in every shop You can get that @ rupees 350 or 400 I am not really sure about the price, but you can have some fun, if you want some party...!!!!!

now lets talk about some little famous things of a little market Called can enjoy Tea with Jalebi at Ishwar Bhatia's sweet house, and if you like to have special Tea "Chai" then you should go to Kishan Bhatia's tea Stall .. he is so cool and very pleasant person You can get that Special Chai @ rupees 5 only.. WOW !!!
and if you looking for samosa then you should go to Chander singh "chander da Dhabaa" at Charma Road, wanna have some Desi Khana means Daal Bhaat with pudine ki chatni and pyaaj ka salad then you should to Laxman Manola's Dhaba at Leema Road, If you want a car on rent then you can go to Vickky Bora or Sheru Maher,...  if you getting bore and want to hang out like play some cards then you should go to Mahendra Bhatia's Club at Lima Road!!!!

Lots of small but beautiful things are there but need some support from administration, this place can definitely be a popular local tourism point.

Written By: Sourav Bhatia